spinning out to space

recently when I’m flying online there were instances when my plane is like being blasted of to space.
it’s also spinning rather violently
see below:

If you look carefully my MSL is 1.3m and gs is around 3.5k (below)

its happening quite often that I can hardly play. I’ve already restarted my device but it doesn’t stop.

Acer Iconia
Android Version 4.4.2
(has not been rooted)

Speed of mach 1.55 with an E-190? And 71501 of vertical speed?

thats what it says but my ground speed is around 35k I’ve also looked at the map (2nd tab) and the plane is moving really fast

First time I see something like this. Be sure to add device name, OS version and if its jailbroken/rooted at the beginning of the topic.

ok I’ve already placed it

I thought this would happen if you exceed the AP limitations on older models…it once happened when i set the a330’s HDG to bank my plane…i thought it was a know issue for older models

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