Spinning on landing

I was flying with an A350 call sign delta 169 from San Francisco to Los Angeles but on landing I ended up spinning on to the taxiway ****



Crosswinds perhaps? Landed too fast?

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Did you use any rudder?

Rudder is the most important thing you can do to stay on the centerline upon landing.

Looks like you were a bit too fast, 201 knots groundspeed is a bit fast for landing.

I’d recommend landing at 130-145 knots IAS (indicated airspeed)


No I was cleared for runway 25 right that was delta 304 that was cleared for runway 25 left I was Delta 169

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I dont see anything in the ATC log that mentions DAL169 other than to exit runway because of traffic on final.

Fixed, sorry!

You were flying too fast(135 knots and flaps full

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Your speed is way to fast, it depends on balance as well, did you land on one side first? How light was your aircraft and how light was your landing, if you slam down onto the runway at 200 IAS then you will slide off

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@Thunderbolt gave one of the two factors that causes this and it is the buggest on. Way too fast. The second is you didnt even attempt to flare. If you dont flare you are going to impact the ground hard and at that speed you wont stay grounded. You have too much forward and verticle momentum. Practice your landings is a biggest must for future airmanship prowess.

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As others have said, too fast.

Also, it looks like you were off localizer long before touchdown. Probably led to an overcorrect on touch which in combination with the speed caused you to spin out

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Lol I over run the runway at lax yesterday

@Joseph007… Rudder & “Aileron” always Pls.

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@USA007… “Round Out” then Flair always Pls.

Is this better

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I have the same problem

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