Spinning ATC Views

When I go to control, and I zoom in with either of the tower views (Not freecam - Freecam has another issue that isn’t as severe) I’ll get this extremely fast spinning motion from the camera. It makes it impossible to see anything. Is anyone aware of a fix for this?


Usually you can stop it by going to the pause menu and then going back in. In extreme cases you just have to restart the app.


Hi Chris,

Unfortunately this didn’t seem to work. I’d restart the app, although I get this a lot.


This has happened to me a lot and is super annoying. Usually I have to end the atc session then start again and it will fix it.

Try to tap on any plane to focus on it. Or just scrool in random way

Yeah. I normally try to focus on the planes, although this can be annoying and a hassle when you have a lot of aircraft.

I usually just zoom in and out, double tap the screen, and that usually works.


quite common if you zoom in too much. just switch to different camera and back. and zoom out immediately. will fix it. :)

Are you suggesting this as a fix, or as a preventative measure?

It happens even if I just zoom in slightly.

This seems to be helping. Thanks!

Restarting the app also helped slightly it seems.