Spinning ATC tower camera

Following these steps you get the tower camera to keep spinning around in circles when you open the ATC command menu. (ATC Mode)

  1. Select tower camera (In ATC mode)
  2. Quickly slide finger to bottom of screen
    3.Before you take your finger off the screen change to an open freq

You should now have the tower camera spinning around behind the ATC command menu. Heres some screenshots that might explain it a little better.

Device: LG gpad 8.3
Android: 4.4.2
IF version: 15.08.0

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I do this for fun all the time so I hope it doesn’t get fixed haha!


Nice Issue Report Devon!

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I wouldn’t consider this as a bug @D_Gee, it can actually be pretty useful, certainly if you spin slowly, which gives you a panorama of the airport while still keeping open the “command screen”.

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And if you spin it the other way the camera is upside down ;) idk any control towers that are upside down

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