Spicy | Infinite Flight Movie

Hello there!

Here’s a little movie (15 Seconds long) named Spicy!

I take all my replay’s and made a little #short movie for the IFC



Just give a feedback! if you like it then leave a like or subscribe if not I accept :)!

Thank you soo much :D



Wow, those edit tho. Gave a like 👍

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Thx soo much I really appreciated it!

You deserve it

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that’s why I try to get the 1k :D

Also another surprise look on ur notisfications

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Do you have Omlet arcade for streaming?

Oh wow!! Thx soo much!!
really appreciated that!
road to 1k!

Do you use Omlet arcade for streaming. If you don’t it’s free.

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I alredy use it it creashed every time that’s why i stopped streaming :(

What ur username tho?

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We could do a group flight together one day,
Try deleting the app and re downloading it.

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try it thousand times…

i dont know XD

Hmmm, what’s ur iPad/phone model (I’m iPad Air)

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I have also an iPad Air :)

Is it up to date with IOS updates? Or the app needs an update

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no no no… everything is good but the stream crashs every minutes sometimes no but the most of time it crashs

But when you open the app, does it crash?

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No when I open it, it doesn’t crashs