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Spicejet - IFVARB Approved


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SpiceJet Virtual ( SJV ) is a low cost carrier ( LCC ) based in India. We operate commercial flights all over India as well as international sector. The hub for SpiceJet Virtual ( SJV ) is Delhi and Mumbai. SJV operateS Boeing 737-900 and Bombardier Q400. SpiceJet Virtual ( SJV ) strives to attain maximum realism and professionalism for our pilots.

Well, who wouldn’t want to have some fun and explore all over India and experience the amazing different cultures and over 1000 different languages. SpiceJet Virtual is here to fly you all over India and experience the fun. If you are looking for a mature VA which is fun along with professional then this is the right place for you. Our international route provide us access to various other beautiful countries too! SpiceJet Virtual organises weekly event / group flight for our pilots and staff to participate and meet each other. All those attending would get a 2x bonus on their flight time. SpiceJet Virtual aims to attain maximum realism for our wonderful pilots. Based on real world scenario SpiceJet Virtual has decided to allow our pilot to fly Jet Airways livery aircraft too. Our pilots can fly select routes on the Jet Airways 739.

Senior Leadership

CEO - @Rohith_Krishna

COO - @Elias

Middle Leadership

Event Manager - @Captainjayden

Chief Event Manager - @Bumblebee

Chief Pilot - @Siddhansh

  • Grade 3.

  • Minimum 15 years of age.

  • Has Infinite Flight Pro Subscription.

  • Mature and respectful to all staff and pilot.

  • Have to pass the theory examination with at least 70%.

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It’s a pleasure to be partners with Fly Emirates Virtual. We will be working closely with them in the near future. We can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us!

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Awesome thread! Saw you’ve been certified for a while now, and was waiting for this!

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thank you so much…:)

Nice thread guys!

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thank you…:)

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Welcome to the VA world, @SpiceJetVirtual

Wishing you a good future ahead of you guys!


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thank you for your kind words…:)

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Lot of fun making this thread! All the best SpiceJet Virtual 😃

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thank you @Manav_Suri for your time and hard work that went on making this thread…:)

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Great thread! Wishing you guys safe flights ahead!


thank you so much :)

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Nice Thread!

Congratulations on becoming approved, wishing you guys all the best in the future!


thank you @Luke_L :)

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Glad to be working with you guys!


We are too!! 🙂

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Hehe nice!!! Great job with the thread. Hope you have a bright future…


thank you…

Welcome to the VA world @SpiceJetVirtual! We are glad to have a new neighbour along with us and share the title as the only Indian VAs in Infinite Flight.

We wish you all the best in this journey and hope to work with you in the near future.


Looks like a really nice thread! Well done.


Thank you neighbour! 🙂 @AirIndiavirtual

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