SpiceJet Rumored To Order More 737 MAXs This Week

Multiple sources are reported Boeing and Spicejet are nearing a 737 MAX order which should be announced during the 2019 Dubai Airshow.

SpiceJet is an Indian-based low-cost carrier with 13 737 MAX 8s in their fleet and 193 on order. I believe they are the second-largest MAX operator in the world, behind Southwest Airlines.

I’ll update the title if there’s further changes.

What are your thoughts on this?

(Image by Boeing)



Watch their stocks plummet.

This, in my opinion, is not a good idea.


About time.

The 737 MAX is an extremely reasonable aircraft to have in a fleet. Nearly the range of a 757, but extremely fuel efficient.

I hope they go for it.


I will have to disagree. With the whole grounding thing, it has caused airlines to loose massive amounts of money. This will most likely be a loss before it can be a profit.


I have to disagree with you @Mattheus, the 737 MAX is in many was a good and versatile aircraft, very fuel efficient with a long range, even though it’s been involved in two accidents I’m certain that the aircraft will serve airlines reliable for years, once it’s re certified


That once can be an if. Look at what happened to the DC-10 or the First Jet Passenger Liner.

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The DC-10 went on and has served many airlines reliable for years, even though Mc Donnell Dauglas never fully recovered from its missteps. The De Havilland Comet is a different story, as it was the first, where everything was innovation, meaning everything was new, where there were no knowledge about creating a jet aircraft, while the 737 MAX is a new type of a successful aircraft


Agree with @Mattheus here. Though lets not turn this into a B737MAX argument thread 😂

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True, but who is not to say that history will repeat itself. Trust me, I don’t hate the Max. I just think that it is going to lose money before it can make money.

Enough arguing before it becomes another one of these threads.


Only the future will tell.


That I can agree on.


If I remember correctly, the DC-10 was certified again, it’s just airlines didn’t buy it (actually that may have been Concorde…)

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Sure thing, i believe it’s still flying for a couple of cargo airlines

Yep. After a little research, I found it actually started flying again after just a month.

That is literally the definition of ANY business. You have to invest in things before you can make a profit.

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