SpiceJet 739: Let's get Spicy

Good Day IFC, hope everyone is doing well during these tough times…

I am very excited to present another one of my #screenshots-and-videos topics! Today it all started in VIDP (aka New Delhi) travelling with SpiceJet to the featured, Hong Kong airport! Special thanks to @Anthony_Morgan a good bud of mine who was ATC at the time. As a note, this was taken in Phase 2 Beta.

Server: Expert Server
Flight Time: 5hr’s 22 min’s (mostly on George)

Without further ado, ladies and gents allow me to present: Let’s get Spicy

(1) Pushback Complete, N121WS ready to taxi!

(2) Ro-ta-tay!

(3) In the Office.

(4) Fly-by!

(5) Don’t mind the Easyjet…

(6) I can see the moooon!

(7) Down on the TARMAC…

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for looking at my photos, I really appreciate the support and am open to any feedback! However I NEED to know…


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Have the best day everyone!

Peace ✌️


If there is Option 9, I would choose Option 9

Option 9 - all of the above

Thank you once again for coming @Captain_Cign
Great shot for every single photos

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Thank you means a lot. Great ATC, great scenery. Just had to make a topic!

@easyWig is Easyjet starting a new route to HKG that I didn’t know about 😂

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…how dare you…

It's NOT A Tarmac! Airline Terminology - AeroSavvy.

Anyways Super pics my G!

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Hehe “TARMAC”. Thanks means a lot :)

Also centreline rating anyone for the takeoff?

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If you nail it on the take off on the center-line turn the Heading Hold on immediately to get that sick shot!

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That my friend wouldn’t be hand-flying 😉✌️

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This is true I grind for some photos sometimes :)

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