Spicejet 737-900 inverted text

Firstly, I would like to thank the Developers for this amazing update.
While trying the spicejet 739, however, I saw this -

IRL, it’s this -

The text is inverted.
Hope to see this resolved soon!


Wow didn’t see that! If the devs see this they will investigate it!

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There are some faults in liveries, always

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I guess the texts on both the winglets may need to be interchanged.

Well …sometimes fault comes up with an aircraft coz of much pressure and therefore it would be one which washed out from their, they’ll fix it in next update I guess.

I noticed this as well and thought something was wrong.

We need a mod to fix this

It’s a minor issue devs will get it resolved in the next update…Well keeping that aside enjoy the update.


The people in charge of this have been notified. Thank you :)


The issue will be addressed shortly and arrive with an in-app update of the aircraft! Thanks for the report.