Spending the Day at Dublin Airport

After you guys voted, I hopped straight on a plane to Dublin to spot some more flights! After the last two airports I have been spotting at I was freezing. Dublin at the moment is a cool 6 degrees and has a 7 knot wind from the North West.


All flights were on Solo at various time of the day at Dublin Airport

Links Used for Accuracy

Flight Selection: https://flightaware.com/

Information: Wikipedia

Spotting Locations: Locations Archives - spotterguide.net

Weather: METAR and TAF

I FINALLY GOT SOME SLEEP! The first flight we spotted today was landing at 9:58 am, so I got up at a comfortable 9 am for once and made my way down to a spotting area called the Mound right next to runway 28L where we spotted TK1975 from Istanbul operated by the Turkish A330-300.

About 15 minutes later at around 10:15 am I was treated to an Icelandair B757-200 landing from Keflavik operating under the flight number FI416! This is a nice one for me as I have always wanted to see Icelandair, just a shame it is not the Northern lights livery!

I then had a 1 and a half hour wait to stroll up the road to the next spotting place, named The Parking Lot Entrance. This is where I spotted our first departure of the day, United’s B757-200 to Washington Dulles, UA127 at 11:50 am.

After a very short morning I strolled back to the Mound to witness another departure. This time is was QR17 from Doha operated on Qatar’s B787-8. Touching down at roughly 12:18 pm.

I then took a break and tucked into my sandwich I brought from the local Tesco. Which as many fellow Brits know, they are very dry and sad. But it was a meal deal so worth it in a way. Then we got to see the last arrival for a while as BA’s A321 service from London Heathrow arrived at 2:07 pm operating under flight number BA836.

As the A321 slowed down as it went along the runway I packed up the camera gear once more as I lugged it all back to the Parking Lot as I had decided this would be the best spot for the coming departures. And on cue, on time for the first time ever a Ryanair B737-800 started to rocket down the runway at 2:55 pm. This service was FR668 to Birmingham.

About half an hour later I heard a set of engines roar to life as an emerald green tail started to slowly move towards runway 28L. This Aer Lingus A330-300 to Los Angeles, under flight number EI69 lifted off the tarmac for its long flight at 3:20 pm.

This was quickly followed about 10 minutes later by another emerald tailed aircraft, this time an Aer Lingus A320 heading to Madrid as EI594, departing at 3:30 pm.

The last departure of the day was TP1327 heading to Lisbon. This TAP Portugal E190 surprised me though as I would have thought they would use a much bigger plane like an A320 or A321 for a flight that long. However, what was not to my surprise was the flight left later than scheduled at 4:55 pm.

And after walking with everything all the way back to The Mound for the last time today, I managed to set up in time to see AY1385’s arrival at 5:10 pm. The Finnair E190 must be tired after coming all the way from Helsinki!

Which picture was your favourite?

  • Turkish Airlines A330-300 from Istanbul
  • Icelandair B757-200 from Keflavik
  • United Airlines B757-200 to Washington Dulles
  • Qatar Airways B787-8 from Doha
  • British Airways A321 from London Heathrow
  • Ryanair B737-800 to Birmingham
  • Aer Lingus A330-300 to Los Angeles
  • Aer Lingus A320 to Madrid
  • TAP Portugal E190 to Lisbon
  • Finnair E190 from Helsinki

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I might hop on another flight tonight so I can do some more spotting, but I need your help deciding, where should I go next? This one is going to be a special with the option of 4 major American airports!

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • New York JFK
  • Atlanta

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Enjoyed the pictures and the reading.
Very nice storyline you’ve created, which really gives me spotters vibes as if you’ve really went there.

Keep it up!

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senses somebody is copying me nice pictures, just pm me if you ever need help :)

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Why thank you! Glad you are enjoying it, I am enjoying making them! Although struggling to think of new things to add to the storyline as I go along haha.

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the topic!

Love how it took you until my 4th spotting topic to say something XD. But I would say more inspiration than copying haha. I will keep your offer in mind, thank you!

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Thanks for the inspiration though!

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Thank you for inspiring me to do these topics!

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