Spelling Error: Duesseldorf, Muenster and Osnabrueck

I tried to say why they write it like this koeln
And not köln

According to Carmalonso, because the text render they use doesn’t support special characters.

Not everyone has a german keyboard or knows how to get those symbols…


yes but the developers are french I swear?.. can’t use that excuse XD

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Then still:

I don’t believe that (unless they aren’t using Swift or Java) it should work fine they just need to change the font to a supported font…

The airports names above at listed in the english wikipedia like this:

Cologne Bonn Airport
Münster Osnabrück International Airport

This is what i think they should be listed IMHO.
How the text rendering machine manages with this is another problem and could be fixed occasionally.
The ATC voice could be another problem, which could make i necessary to program hidden alternative airport names. Se here:

ATC voice is Siri which is fully able to support ß ö ü

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It’s not a case of programming language. It’s a case of having the text rendering engine be able to render these non-conventional latin characters. This is something that has been looked into.