Spelling Error: Duesseldorf, Muenster and Osnabrueck

Instead of “Duesseldorf, Koeln and Muenster Osnabrueck”, it should be changed to “Düsseldorf, Köln and Münster Osnabrük”.


What about Münster Osnabrück and Köln?

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Thanks for pointing that out.

The are written in English rather than German. The first three are correct but “Koeln” should be Cologne because that is how it’s spelt in English.


Thanks for changing the title. But I guess they should be written with the original spelling.

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Yes that seems the most logical to me.

Special characters (including accents, ü, etc.) aren’t really supported by the text rendering engine at this time, which is why these names are set as they are. We will amend the names when these characters are supported, thanks for pointing it out :)


Then surely the best thing to do is spell them correctly but leaving out the thingy above the original letter. The Koeln thing has always been a thing on my nerves as it should be Cologne.

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In dutch you write it also as the germans


In english they don’t use that

You mean the “ü”?

Yea i mean the ü

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That´s why it should be corrected at some point. Though the text rendering engine doesn´t support those types of characters.

doesn’t german allow for this when there is no supported letters in a program?

But the game is in English. So the text engine might be configured to be used in English, not supporting other idioms.

shouldn’t be hard for them to choose a supported font

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In if people don’t want to use the two dots above to the o köln then the must write it with a e like this koeln

but you are 14… and not German…

I must learn german on school and this I heard from my dad

not using ü ö ß and the substitute is sloppy and informal.