Speedyyy’s 2020 Spotting Review

Well it’s already New Year’s eve. What a year it’s been. Many might curse 2020, but personally, i’ve had a great year(besides covid of course). a lot of good things happened in my life this year, and I thank God for keeping me and my family safe. I wanna thank everyone over in the SSS for really helping me improve my photography skills this year. More specifically, i want to thank @KPIT and @AndrewWu for helping me get out of the hole that i dug myself. Y’all have revived my love for photography and you guys have taught me a lot. Anyways, onto the pictures!

Spotted the Blue Angels who were doing a flyover over DFW in honor of the covid healthcare workers

Went spotting with @Altaria55 to catch Air Force back in June. Me and him had to BOOK it to the other runway. we were both so out of breath 😂

Spotted this Delta A350 charter from LAX

BA 78X from LHR. First time spotting British Airways so that was pretty cool!


Spotted this Qatar A350 for the first time. AND my camera actually focused for once 😂

And lastly, my favorite picture ever. Thanks to @Altaria55 helping me, i was able to get this awesome night shot of this Southwest 737!


Great shots! The first planes were quite speedyyy werent they hehe

last bad pun of the year i promise

Nice shots @Altaria55!

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Oh my god matt the meme died already


Mr. @Speedyyy does not exist

hahah funnyyyyy. thanks!


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excuse you sir

you have lost typing privelage



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