Speedyyy delivery! It’s a 7000 mile long Snickers

Hey everyone!

So around two weeks or so ago, I noticed @Speedyyy had been pretty inactive in a PM we are in. One day he responded saying that the reason he was gone was because he went through scoliosis spine surgery. This is a very painful and tough experience that no one should have to go through and I felt something bigger than a sorry needed to be done.

So I consulted the community wanting to draw something in the sky, and @Pingu had the brilliant idea of the snickers logo since he loves snickers. I didn’t know how to make a custom fpl like that but I found a helpful tutorial and @AdamCallow’s KML sheet, so in around 2 hours it was done. I would depart KCVS, a afb just off the Texas border, and fly 7400 miles and more than 16 hours and end up in Huntsville Alabama.

Unfortunately, my app did crash, on the last letter too. But I’ll share what I have regardless! I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope @Speedyyy enjoys this, we have kept this a secret from him. This was supposed to be done earlier but school hit me hard. So on my birthday this past Sunday I decided to do something kind for someone else. Enjoy!

Flight plan

3444N/10247W 3450N/10332W 3450N/10406W 3450N/10431W 3448N/10444W 3445N/10500W 3440N/10516W 3434N/10526W 3430N/10529W 3424N/10532W 3355N/10547W 3348N/10550W 3340N/10550W 3332N/10547W 3328N/10543W 3323N/10537W 3320N/10532W 3314N/10520W 3311N/10510W 3306N/10500W 3301N/10456W 3256N/10455W 3249N/10456W 3242N/10458W 3229N/10505W 3220N/10513W 3218N/10518W 3217N/10524W 3217N/10528W 3218N/10531W 3218N/10531W 3220N/10533W 3222N/10534W 3225N/10535W 3228N/10535W 3232N/10533W 3238N/10531W 3257N/10522W 3305N/10517W 3306N/10518W 3305N/10520W 3306N/10531W 3306N/10545W 3306N/10618W 3242N/10632W 3200N/10654W 3157N/10638W 3155N/10620W 3154N/10604W 3153N/10553W 3153N/10534W 3154N/10520W 3155N/10509W 3158N/10449W 3201N/10434W 3207N/10423W 3215N/10411W 3231N/10359W 3247N/10349W 3255N/10345W 3302N/10344W 3310N/10345W 3318N/10350W 3323N/10357W 3329N/10411W 3335N/10423W 3339N/10432W 3345N/10438W 3351N/10441W 3358N/10441W 3404N/10439W 3411N/10435W 3416N/10432W 3420N/10426W 3422N/10421W 3423N/10416W 3423N/10411W 3422N/10408W 3421N/10404W 3418N/10404W 3414N/10405W 3346N/10420W 3344N/10419W 3345N/10322W 3444N/10247W 3444N/10243W 3447N/10226W 3156N/10403W 3156N/10322W 3324N/10234W 3156N/10244W 3156N/10129W 3447N/9945W 3447N/10028W 3315N/10125W 3314N/10125W 3316N/10125W 3447N/10107W 3447N/10107W 3448N/10225W 3447N/10225W 3447N/10224W 3447N/10223W 3447N/10222W 3448N/10222W 3448N/10107W 3315N/10126W 3315N/10123W 3445N/10029W 3449N/10025W 3447N/9948W 3447N/9814W 3156N/9956W 3156N/10104W 3156N/10105W 3447N/9922W 3447N/9816W 3447N/9701W 3447N/9531W 3447N/9529W 3336N/9606W 3336N/9708W 3413N/9647W 3419N/9647W 3421N/9649W 3422N/9655W 3421N/9702W 3419N/9708W 3414N/9713W 3408N/9717W 3229N/9811W 3222N/9813W 3219N/9811W 3217N/9807W 3217N/9759W 3220N/9753W 3224N/9747W 3232N/9741W 3310N/9723W 3310N/9622W 3215N/9650W 3207N/9659W 3202N/9708W 3158N/9720W 3155N/9735W 3152N/9759W 3152N/9814W 3152N/9832W 3153N/9844W 3156N/9900W 3202N/9917W 3209N/9922W 3216N/9922W 3225N/9916W 3420N/9810W 3429N/9803W 3434N/9756W 3440N/9746W 3444N/9731W 3447N/9717W 3447N/9710W 3447N/9541W 3447N/9356W 3344N/9434W 3447N/9304W 3447N/9220W 3443N/9222W 3331N/9407W 3329N/9408W 3328N/9407W 3326N/9402W 3326N/9353W 3323N/9340W 3319N/9334W 3313N/9332W 3305N/9335W 3208N/9405W 3202N/9405W 3156N/9404W 3155N/9408W 3156N/9502W 3158N/9504W 3201N/9505W 3208N/9504W 3214N/9501W 3223N/9456W 3232N/9451W 3251N/9440W 3301N/9434W 3305N/9434W 3307N/9436W 3309N/9442W 3310N/9448W 3310N/9452W 3310N/9454W 3308N/9456W 3156N/9538W 3156N/9637W 3447N/9500W 3448N/9014W 3423N/9029W 3422N/9128W 3333N/9152W 3332N/9110W 3309N/9123W 3308N/9204W 3221N/9228W 3220N/9138W 3156N/9153W 3156N/9348W 3448N/9219W 3447N/8805W 3444N/8755W 3441N/8752W 3434N/8752W 3356N/8807W 3345N/8814W 3332N/8826W 3326N/8837W 3324N/8843W 3323N/8845W 3317N/8839W 3310N/8835W 3303N/8835W 3253N/8840W 3212N/8904W 3206N/8905W 3159N/8903W 3156N/8902W 3156N/9001W 3200N/9004W 3207N/9003W 3220N/8956W 3300N/8935W 3305N/8937W 3310N/8940W 3311N/8946W 3311N/8950W 3155N/9034W 3156N/9133W 3447N/8958W 3449N/8958W 3439N/8724W 3434N/8722W 3430N/8723W 3346N/8745W 3339N/8744W 3332N/8741W 3327N/8737W 3321N/8728W 3316N/8716W 3311N/8705W 3307N/8655W 3257N/8650W 3245N/8652W 3233N/8658W 3222N/8707W 3217N/8717W 3217N/8724W 3221N/8728W 3228N/8729W 3239N/8724W 3305N/8713W 3305N/8813W 3159N/8849W 3155N/8807W 3154N/8735W 3155N/8657W 3201N/8631W 3210N/8612W 3227N/8556W 3247N/8544W 3301N/8538W 3309N/8538W 3316N/8542W 3323N/8550W 3335N/8616W 3337N/8624W 3346N/8632W 3355N/8635W 3405N/8632W 3415N/8626W 3420N/8619W 3423N/8611W 3422N/8603W 3420N/8559W 3416N/8559W 3345N/8614W 3345N/8516W 3445N/8441W 3449N/8514W 3450N/8553W 3450N/8613W 3449N/8632W 3444N/8656W 3440N/8710W 3436N/8718W 3432N/8722W

Flight details

Route: KCVS-refuel in small airport in Georgia, don’t remember name-app crash
Flight time: about 15 hours then app crashed.
Aircraft: IF 737BBJ

Banking out of KCVS early in the morning 🌅

I had a moonshot but the replay somehow cropped the moon out so fast forward to @ItsBlitz spotting us landing at our small refueling field

Also mysterious refueling airport but this time an @AndrewWu type beat

Departing once more

And now some LiveFlight shots so you can really see the progress!

👋 Stay safe 👋


happy scoliosis feel better :D


Wait it was his birthday? 🧐

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That is AWESOME!!! Nice job and what a great idea to do for him!

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woahhh man this is so awesome, thank you!! (it’s not my birthday btw😂)


This is the most awesome looking flight ever 👏

but i wouldnt take photos with such terrible backlight


Grea pictures

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Love it! Nailed it as always!


Thanks cannoli!

@Speedyyy surprise 😌

@ItsBlitz thank you but like 😩😖 I was going for a style ;-;

@ShaneAviation thank you Shane 🙃


Absolutely amazing! That’s what I call friendship and caring for the others. You did the best you could! Great job and I admire the perseverance!


And this folks is why you read before you post 😂

Anyway, just giving you a hard time @Pingu honest mistake. Glad someone did this, sounds like he’s had a rough time from what I’ve heard in the sss so I think this was a great idea. Hope you get good soon @Speedyyy!


thanks, i’m recovering really well 😁


Oh my. That’s amazing! @Suhas! Those photos are 😍

Get well soon @Speedyyy!!!


That’s good to know. I take it it’s a long process, so hopefully it keeps going well. Is this the sort of thing where the surgery cures it for lack of a better way to say it or do you have to keep doing more stuff?


the surgery took care of the problem and i don’t need any other procedures done!


Changed my response, this is why we can’t have nice things. 😂


Thank you 😊

And @KPIT and @MJP_27 thank you guys too 😄😊


Well that’s great news, hopefully your recovery keeps on track and the prognosis stays good. Glad your doing well.


No problem.

Liking that as I have now given you 90 likes total on the IFC

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I was just giving you a bit of a hard time, all in good fun, I think it was an honest mistake,