Speeds Of Takeoff And Landing

Hi good day!! To add some professionalism to the simulator, I would like to know if there is any calculation to calculate the speed either at takeoff (V1 VR V2) or landing (depending on weight and aircraft) or it would already be mental calculation

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There is a cool and handy app called “In-Flight Assistant”. You can connect it to Infinite Flight and it will call out your speeds for you. To do this, simply install the app, load into Infinite Flight, go to settings, scroll down and you will see “Enable Infinite Flight Connect”, make sure that box is checked, then spawn in, and head back over to In-Flight Assistant, open the app and then go back to IF for it to connect, if you want it to calculate your VS speeds, simply click “Autofill” in the top left corner and it will pick your speeds based off of your weight. Hope this helps!


The App is AWESOME!
THX a lot! 😆

I don’t know if you mentioned but you also have to have your takeoff flaps set to auto fill

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You’re very welcome!

If you do a detailed flight plan on SimBrief and then copy it over to IF flight plane converter it should give you V1, Vr, and V2 speeds. Then you can put it into In-flight assistant so the co-pilot calls them.

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