SpeedPlayz' Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @LKPR

Official SpeedPlayz’ Tracking Thread

Version 2.0 [Old One Closed]

Departing RWY Arriving RWY Pattern Work RWY

Runway 07 will be active from 1145 to the time i will finish.

Airport: LKPR
Time: August 6, 2018 11:00 AM

Recommended Routes

To be announced.

Have fun! Hope to see you there!



it seems that your older thread is not closed:

Please edit the older one or flag it, so a mod can close it!!

I did. It’s in the title.

[TRACKING THREAD CLOSED] means nothing. Please stay on your main thread, as its not closed or as I have said before a moderator can close it, if you flag it.

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It was now closed by the mods.

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Thanks. Happy controlling!!

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I’m coming there right about now so please be patient

@Dylan_M It’s open in 40 minutes Dont rush

Ok I will try to remember

LKPR will be open on Training Server at 1100Z.

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