Speedlink Dark Tornado Joystick

Does anyone know if this works for IF, I use it for X-plane too

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I would try it out with LiveFlight or OTG cable and then mapping buttons. Get back to us and tell us if it works.

is liveflight bluetooth? and i was gonna get an otg cable, thanks for the help :)

LiveFlight works over WiFi. You need a computer on the same WiFi as the app running IF, and then you enable “LiveFlight connect” in the settings of Infinite flight.

and i connect to joystick to pc and it works on my phone?

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Yep, you nailed it. ;)
Except you hit the big CONNECT button on LiveFlight!

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is it something i have to open on my pc?

Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, you have to download it. You can download the software here:

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