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hey guy I know you cant appeal a Level 1 Violation but I was doing EBBR–LGAV on Air Belgium A339 and it said I was going over the speed 0.87 when I was not so now I have to wait 7 days to get back to Grade 5 were I was and is this a glitch or what see you guys in 7 days back on expert server 😞

Given that you are cruising way too close to the red tape anyway, most likely a shift of winds bumped your IAS up and you went into the red. Fly at more appropriate speeds for the aircraft in the future; A330s favour M0.80-.82.


Well, it’s a shame that you’ve received this violation, however the A330-300 and A330-900neo have their maximum speed at mach 0.86 for structural reasons. Cruise at any faster and you’re risking the airframe integrity.


Okay good to know I was going fast so I could reach my 32,00 ALT for half of the flight and go up to 34,000 for the rest and then was going to slow down back to normal speeds

300-305KIAS will hold a stable and steady climb up, all while keeping it real and eliminating risk of overspeed violations. 😉


Roger that good to know thanks for all the info for next time can’t wait to get back on grade 5 😀

I keep my airspeed at 280kts in 25000ft. And what was your speed?

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I was going 320 but I know was going below 0.87 mark so and people are saying it could of been winds so not sure kind of mad but it is what it is

The A330 cruises at Mach 0.82 usually so I wouldn’t suggest you go any faster than that. Mach 0.86 is the maximum cruise speed, above that, in the real life, the airframe’s integrity would be at risk.

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Haha happened me to me last week aswell. I was on decent into Croatia and left my tablet for literally 5min to finish cooking. Came back and saw red notice of violation. The wind was super gusty and must have pushed me just into the red. I was on grade 4. But it’s only seven days.

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dang that sucks and yay its 7 days but that is so long 😂

Your immediate enemy here is the red line. It shows you flying with just under 5knts IAS before a violation. You don’t have a safety margin. Any wind gusts will shake that red line up and down toward your speed.

For comparison, in solo mode the wind gust slider goes up to 50knts. You only need a 5knt gust to get into the red, which is not much.

The violations seem to have a little bit of a time trigger. But of course you shouldn’t bank on that.

(note: if winds are given in TAS, rough rule of thumb: for sea level to, say, 35,000ft conversion to IAS, take about half; so a 10knt wind/gust may show up as roughly a 5knot IAS change…?)

Also you are around the altitude where further climb tends pull the red line down so that it drops in terms of IAS. The problem is that autopilot speed starts in IAS and changes to Mach at some point. But maybe not before the red line hits your IAS setting! At least that was an issue. I don’t know if it’s been change(?). I don’t know enough to call it a glitch.

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Okay thanks will use this for next time thanks

Rule of thumb:

Light to medium weight airliners, fly between 0.75 - 0.80M
Heavy to super weight airliners, fly between 0.80 - 0.85M

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Okay will use this information for my next flight thanks sir

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If red line is 350knots drop to 345kts to give room incase of tail winds

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