Speeding up replays

Hi all,
I’ve been using the new replay section since it was created, but i’ve noticed one thing.
When you played solo, the instant replay icon beside menu had a way to speed or slow down the replays to a certain amount. But i’ve noticed there isn’t one in live replay. Does anyone know if there is one and where it is? Would really help as I want to start making videos on flights. Thanks!

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Hi there,

That feature was removed when the replay update was introduced. I now recommend using a third party app to speed up your recordings. This seems to be the most efficient method from what I’ve heard from others. Hope this helps!


Do you have any apps to recommend?

iMovie seems to be a popular choice. I believe you can speed things up by 20x (at the most), so just put your recording there and keep doing it until you’ve reached your desired speed. :)

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