Speeding above 30,000 ft.


So I look around at nearby flights, and their cruising speed is like 400 - 500 knots which is normal. So then I try increase my speed to 370 knots. But it says I’m over speeding and I have to have my cruise speed below 300 knots?? Why??? I’m so confused because I always see others with their speed at 400 knots, obviously with no problems. And I’m stuck here doing speeds between 250 - 300 knots. Please help. My main question is: If above 30,000 ft, what are the overspeed rules / speeding limits? I usually cruise at around 34,000 - 36,000 ft.

I would love the help, Cheers.

When you see the speed of nearby aircraft, that is GS, if you look at GS you will most likely be cruising at the same speed.

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Oh my gosh I am not smart. Thank you very much and I do apologise for wasting your time.



Adding to what Jake said: Take a look at the topic below, it will help you understanding the difference. :)

That’s different for every aircraft. For example, the A380’s Mmo (maximum mach operating speed) is M0.89 and the 747-8’s Mmo is M0.90.

Doesn’t mean your not smart… I remember asking this question about 2 years ago. No such thing as a stupid question, and, he who asks a question is ignorant for a moment he who never asks remains ignorant for a lifetime and many other quotes.

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