Speedbird2276Heavy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KOAK

Hello everyone, I am training for my practical exam for IFATC, and I would appreacate if y’all would come to KSFO and do some pattern work and give me feedback! Ill be open for 30-1 hour! Thanks everyone in advance! (Gonna be on Ground and Tower)

This is a great start!

Check out this thread to make this thread perfectly formatted:

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Thank you, I will take a look!

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Thank you to everyone who came, if you did! I will most likely do a lot more of these

Hello everyone, I am open at KOAK! Please come by and fly some patterns!


Is it open?

Nope, not not, but thanks for checking! Can I ping you when I open next?


Yes you can do that!

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Hey, feel free to tag me again when you are open

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Tag me if u want some more

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Thank you!

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