Speedbird203 to be on FlightCast! [Interview Complete]

Hello Forum People!

Our friend Jessie, aka @speedbird203 will be joining Mark and I for a chat on FlightCast in just under 24 hours. I’m really excited to chat with Jessie, and dig a bit deeper into our broader community. He’s a pilot with a great aviation resume and currently works at KJAX as Operations Manager for Military and VIP Charter aircraft.

I usually reach out to the facebook community asking for questions, but in addition to that I wanted to ask you guys what questions you’d love to have answered by Jessie on FlightCast.

So please fire away! Interview is at 0200Z on June 15th.



How did he first start with Aviation?

Ask him if he ever got to fly the F-16 and if he did, how is it like.

I was just talking to him before and posted a few pics? My question is how did he start in his military career and got to where he is now. And maybe talk about some of the aircraft he has flown

He told me he only flew the l-39 a f-5 but it’s not me to answer

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Ah ok, thanks for the info

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Ask him what his favorite IF and real life plane are.

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What was the scariest mission he has done

What’s the best part about working at an airport?

What were the best and oldest aircraft he’s seen/flown?

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What is the highest and fastest @speedbird203 has flown??


Why did you choose to fly for the military instead of flying commercially?


I have a couple of questions.

  1. Does he have any regrets in the path he chose?

  2. How competitive is it to land a job as a Military pilot?

To be a military pilot requires one to be in top physical condition. Are there any specific things you do to stay in shape?

As I know Jessie, ask him about where he works, what he plans to invest in, what he gets up to, how did he start, does he enjoy his job, how long have you been flying fighters, what aircraft does he wish to pilot in the future.

Was that his dream…!Working with the Military or it just came as a btw

What’s the coolest (commercial and military) planes he’s seen?

What military aircraft would he love to see added in infinite flight?

Have you ever made a serious (aviation) mistake/embarrassment in front of someone important?

So glad he’s agreed to come and speak to you. I’ll admit I haven’t followed FC too much, but I’ll certainly be listening.

Make it the oldest he’s flown in!

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