SPEEDBIRD101's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Display name = SPEEDBIRD101

Status = OPEN

Server = Training(TS)

Airport = KDAL

Frequencies = Tower and ground

@Joseph007 , @AviatorNikola , @Captain_Cign , @G_Captain

coming soon

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thank you!

I just spawned ill do some pattern work!

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thank you!can i tag ya next time?

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it seems that my internet was poor, can you see me?cathay 322 super

sadly, no!

Hello. Everything looks good. Was about to inbound back to KDAL but crashed on my landing at KDFW.

Good luck and have fun :)
Southwest 888

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can i tag ya for next time?

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do you know what RIGHT TRAFFIC IS???

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It is sad that I can not come as scheduled due to the bad internet. I am still connecting sever. Maybe join next time. I am sorry for that


CLOSING IN 5MIN!!!thank you!

ummmmm, @Cameron_M are you going to give me the feedback?

Hey! When you said “do you knkw what right traffic means” what did I do wrong.

you went left!
and could ya give me the feedback?
maybe i was wrong:)

When was that?

closing now!thank you to all who came!

Sorry I wasn’t awake, I will try to come next time!

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I was also sleeping too! I’d come if it was a little later :D

are you in the UK?