Feedback from OH-HEY

  • Perfect from my end
  • Very good with the sequencing before clearance to land, one thing that I received most feedback on on my tracking thread :)

Also, sorry about not contacting ground, I got a call while I was exiting the runway
And I’m just practising flying bigger aircraft with agility, I practice my skills just as much as you practice your controlling skills :)

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Ah ok! see you soon!

virtually, don’t worry i don’t know where u live, lmao


Yup see you soon

LOL have a great day!

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thanks! hope to see you flying again!

Display name = SPEEDBIRD101

Status = OPEN

Server = Training(TS)

Airport = WSSS

Frequencies = Tower and ground


@Usman_A @1MASYBTGS @Ahmed1 @Stef_Smet @Syncline @Sebastien_Cartier @FireCracker

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Are you still opening?

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Yes i am open!

I am coming !

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Sorryy… I should go to the church :’)

maybe next time, Enjoy your Session mate!

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THX, enjoy church!

Nice work !
My Callsign was I-MFOX.
Your controlling is perfect.
But there is one error that I think

You don’t have to send “please expedite traffic on final” which there are not final aircrafts.

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i know, it was a mistake!

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@ me any time whenever you making a Thread!

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thanks mate!

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Still open ? If yes, I’ll stop by

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Feedback from N17EE

[15:53:07Z] - 3,000 is good , 2,500 would be good aswell considering WSSS is 20ft and surrounding terrain is very flat.

[16:04:00Z] - It’s very key you need to catch that go around. No need to wait and see around if I’ll exit the runway or not, if you see him coming in and you think I won’t have enough time go ahead and send the go around.

[16:09:27Z] No need to clear me again for 02C , you already cleared me earlier before. No need for that just because you changed my sequence.

[16:17:23Z] - No exit runway command was given , remember " cleared for the option " allows me to land aswell .

[16:18:32Z] - I’m a bit confused by this one . All you need to do is tell me to contact ground since I’m already off the runway , hence me asking for the frequency change , no need to sweat it .

Thats all from me , have an nice day :)

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yes i am still open

lol yeah, i forgot

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No worries :)

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