Speedbird VA becomes British Airways VA

Good Evening,

It is with great pleasure, that I announce that tonight I have received notification from the IFC community moderators that we will from this evening on, drop SPEEDBIRD VA and become British Airways VA

We have worked hard on developing SPEEDBIRD VA, and it’s an honour to continue the work of Colonel Jeoff.

Professional behaviour is the highest exception on this community, we will strive to maintain the high standards of the IFC and are honoured to carry the BA flag.

I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate this milestone by opening our recruitment. To be a part of this thriving, professional VA - Please. PM me for details we are particularly excited to hear from any aspiring or experienced senior leaders from the VA world.

We will be releasing information soon on events, and welcome our partners around the VA world to join us.
Thank you, and good evening.
Joshua ,

Depuaty President of
British Airways VA

On behalf of president and owner , @LouDon16.


Why exactly did you recreate the topic. You can just move it into this category…

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Why doesn’t he post the things his self

Unfortunately @loudon is only a basic , so it’s not techniquly allowed …


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Annoying I know!!

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First of all may I say congratulations and well done
Second of all where did you get those images because they look awefully firmiliar

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I have made them myself using an app called ‘SquareFit’ on iPhone. I make all my logos and profile pics for SLT members there.

Thanks for your interest.

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Fair enough they looked firmiliar to something I have seen before. So incensed again congratulations and good luck


Thank you Wren_Jago.

Look forward to flying with you or alongside you in the future.

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A note: it’s illegal to use the BA logo. That’s from BA themselves. I suggest you take it down before getting in trouble…

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Where do I sign up?

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I shall PM you within the hour …

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