Speedbird Sunset

Good evening Heathrow,

from Speedbird 2775 with ❤️


Really pretty! Good job!

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Broooo that is too awesome🔥 🥵

Nice pic!

Did you do any editing?

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Nice pic it looks beautiful. Evening flying is the best.

A serious question tho Are those actual IF clouds? They look awfully close to IRL evening clouds being put into the picture because IF clouds arent wavy like that. That sadly violates the IFC terms for screenshots Screenshots and Video Category - New Photoshop Rules Im not going to flag the topic unless you tell me that the clouds and sky are photoshopped in.

couldn’t possibly comment on how this photo came about 😉

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eh I’d just let it be, it’s awesome and IF has clouds now anyway

I’m not a mod though so don’t quote me or anything


thanks dude!
Always love a good sunset


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