Speedbird 33 to WMKK

Hello IFC, I am back with another post in this category, and I hope I have improved, feedback is appreciated. This was my first flight with my new device, and runs so smoothly I must say.
Route- EGLL (London Heathrow) to WMKK ( Kuala Lumpur)
FT- Exactly 11:00
Aircraft- Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Airline- British Airways
Registration- G-ZKBA

Lining up on 9R for departure.

V1, Rotaté

Cruising over the Qatari coastline at FL380.

Descending into the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Gear Down.

Touching Down on runway 32R.

Another angle of that BUTTER (not grease)

Finally at the gate after 11 hours of flying.
Well, thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed.


I aM cOnFUsiOn
ha lol anyways great pics! What was ur cruise speed, 'cause for it to be 11 hours, thats shorter than i expected.


I think it was quite fast, Mach .90 for time purposes.


What a beautiful flare!


Yes you are correct.

Nice photos, some are extremely backlit, bot other than that, great job!


Nice pics mun.

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The sun in the background makes it incredible! Great job.

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Great pictures! That sunset after the Rotation pictures is incredible fantastic and pretty realistic! Thanks for sharing!

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Must say you have some nice photos, at least you pulled a greaser too.

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