Speedbird_286's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hi all! After a long break from trying out for IFATC, I decided to give it another go, so I’m opening this thread with the intention to help me practice and get feedback!

I will open T/G for 15Min or an Hour each session and I will be at either LGSK, LSGG or EGKK on the Training server. I’d appreciate if I could be tested on sequencing and transition altitudes.


ATC at LGSK now! only for 15min this time but hopefully we can get a few aircraft in!

I’m going to swing by!

Great, see you there!

Feed back for @Speedbird_286

  • You did great with the back taxi instructions!

  • You cleared me for takeoff but you said enable pattern work, but then when I called inbound again, you said cleared for the option make right traffic, was there confusion?

  • It would have been better if you said cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic because there was terrain in the way

  • For my pattern instructions, when you said enter right downwind runway 02, their was no need after so say “enter straight in” I was already cleared with a pattern instruction

Overall Nice job, I will definitely swing by in the future!

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Thanks for the feedback and for coming! Yes there was a little confusion, I knew as soon as I sent it that it was wrong!


No problem man!

Great to see you with a tracking thread too!

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ATC at LSGG now! again its only for 15min unfortunately.

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I’m coming!
Edit:oh only fifteen minutes :/ ok I’ll try anyway

Yep turns out I thought I an hour but I don’t, thanks for coming though!

Ok so a few things

  • When I had reached the runway and requested a frequency change, that was wrong of me. I was testing you. The command says “taxi to runway X, contact tower when ready” You should have sent “you were already instructed to change frequency”
  • You should clear me for the option, as I was doing pattern work you shouldn’t clear to land, but to clear for the option, meaning they can do a stop and go, touch and go, or land.
  • You need to clear for the option earlier, try and clear them when they’re on crosswind not when they’re on base like you did with me
  • I don’t know why, but on my second pattern you sent me a “I’ll call your base” you didn’t really need to, unless there’s some traffic that the aircraft risks conflict with then when to turn base is up to the pilots discretion, only use that command if there’s loads of people on final and you want to send them in a gap. If they still haven’t turned base 20NM out though, feel free to send a “enter right base” command
  • Just another thing, if they say “is on left/right downwind/base/final, full stop, I forgot to do it but you seemed to know i was going to land anyway because you gave me an exit runway command

I hope this helps!

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Yes it does! I knew I did a few things wrong, but the explanation helps a lot. Thanks for coming!

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If they still haven’t turned base 20 miles out, it’s not your job to micromanage them. If there are other aircraft in the pattern/inbound for landing, resequence and clear as necessary. If you’re confused as to what they’re doing, ask them for their intentions.

There should not be an extra pattern entry sent regarding this situation.


Thanks for correcting me, I’m not IFATC it’s just from what I know from reading the ATC manual

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Ah ok, thanks for the correction.

Are you still active? Cause I want to make some patterns

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