Speedbird 16 Heavy 744 WSSS Departure


I think this is my first time putting up videos/screenshots on the forum for a good while now lol.
I thought I’d just do something simple for starters, below is a video I recorded of myself departing WSSS on April 30th.

This was Speedbird 16 Heavy in the trusty 747-400, I did the SYD-SIN leg earlier and then I took a 45 min “layover” to plan the long 13:30 leg from SIN-LHR.

It was a pretty heavy flight, taking 275 PAX onboard with I think 25,000 kg of cargo. Pretty much at MTOW and a little over for the taxi fuel. I got off the block at Changi at 5:27Z and I followed the AROSOS2E SID up to FL280 and later did multiple step climbs to FL360 until I reached England.

Was pretty nice too at that time on the expert server, especially at a hub. I just taxied all the way down to be first in line!

Anyways here’s the video below, enjoy :)

(I haven’t done videos in awhile so I didn’t edit much, I just thought I did a good takeoff.)


Nice departure you’ve got there!


Thanks my guy!

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