Quick question. I am seeing more and more of this as of late. Can someone elaborate please?

This was in live, not solo…where you can change wind/direction/speed.
How is it this airliner ends up peeking out at 1100kt without being torn to shreds?

I find this highly unrealistic. What is going on here? A glitch? He went by me by double velocity. I was at 588kt



I believe they are pushing an aircraft to its limits or there is an insane tailwind 😂


That is indeed one crazy speed!
You didn’t tell us on which server this took place, but I do know that on Casual, you don’t get violations for speeding the aircraft past its limits. And we haven’t incorporated wings and engines falling off airplanes, so I suspect some users will just turn down the volume and open the throttle.


Ayy my home airport. Well not quite, as I live in the Annapolis Valley, but it is where I go spotting so still :P. Can’t give you much advice on the speed though. What aircraft were they flying?

Some of us test aircraft and go as fast as we can especially with tailwinds. I test every aircraft on casual that is release to understand its aerodynamics and fuel burn etc. idk if this person is doing the same or just having fun. I hope it’s on casual.

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What aircraft and what sever?

Yes it was casual live. However you cannot control tailwinds. And the aircraft… the real one anyway would disintegrate. I have tried to “ catch up” but the hardest I could put my plane through was 668. This wasn’t a problem in solo. So how are they doing it in casual live???
I would get into the physics of a tailwind of that magnitude and it’s effect, but not the place right now.
Lol. I’ve seen 980, 1100, 745… I’d like to see them suddenly run into strong C.A.T. Haha😀 not sure their all too aware of max. penetration speeds 👍

What I don’t get is on solo you have the ability to control WX. Winds. Not on casual live. The winds are always changing ( which is great and realistic). Very odd.

777-300 FL360 over Nova Scotia, next waypoint CYYT. That was crazy guy 😏

Could be true, but I tried to tail him by 50 miles and nope. 668 for me 1100 for mr/ms death wish lol. Same course too.

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UI think it would look more like aircraft parts the size of tuna cans flying in formation

At speeds in excess of Design limit/ changes with ALT. Ie: at 20C sea level 343 m/s or M. 1.0=667kn …at FL350 this changes to M. 1.0=547 kt. Especially a/c whith more than double the limit…Which is in practical purposes impossible for an airliner regardless of wind.
Anyone who knows what the boundary layer is will know, it will thicken, then separate from the surface. Unlike the uniform laminar flow, that only increases and thickens toward the trailing edge. The plane won’t fly as odd as it sounds … at those speeds.

🙃wish I could teach fluid dynamics like I used to🧐 Anyway, it would be a way to tell them instead of just “ over speed” the flight will just cancel. We are going for realism no?

Anyone following this or should I break it down into simpler terms?

Similar in a way as you watch the animation. Yes different cause. Similar outcome ie: Lauda 1991, PA103. Oh and before someone gets worked up as inappropriate- I lost two family members on this very plane Dec. 1988.

CAs. Live. This would have been a great place to have TCAS. Haha.

Hey, look below on scroll. I tried to explain.
More than twice the speed of sound. Believe it was a 777 or 87 can’t remember now as I hid the users ident.

Lol. Even with the speed, wind or not, the boundary layer on flight surfaces would separate completely. Flying too fast It would also not be flying- -not just flying too slow. 😁

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I’m more concerned about his improper easterly altitude. 😅


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