i was playing the infinite flight training server and i just looked at other players while flying. One said 522 knots. i boosted my speed to 400 knots and the i got a violation. i clicked on the players plane and they were grade 3. they didnt go down or get violations. if anybody knows about this please tell me.

The others speed, is the ground speed!

Check this article,


In conclusion,
The speed that appears on the map of the other planes / flights is the grund speed,
that is different to the true speed that you carry!

Speed showing for other players is referring to their ground speed which you can find/add to your own options at the bottom of the screen :)

It is solved?

im also assuming once you went over 320-330-340 knots or something you would have gone into the red on the side and it would have alerted you pretty clearly with ‘overspeed’ blaring out. You then get optimal time to reduce your speed before getting a violation

Oh dear. That is their ground speed, not their airspeed. Sorry, I had a tiny laugh because about a year ago I did the same exact thing (:

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In addition, ground speed is affected by winds - if you’ve got a 100kt tailwind, you’ll go faster (and will show on the info bar), and the other way around :)

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