conclusion the speed of infinity flight are wrong

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you can go to windy.com than you can see where will have the biggest wind and go to there, your aircraft may go up to 500knts

lol, but i think they work hard already

It’s not a conclusion because the sims aircraft are real world aviation speeds

The A319’s cruise speed is listed as 450 KTAS, which at it’s ceiling of FL390 is somewhere around the mid 200’s KIAS. All aircraft specifications list cruise speed in True Airspeed, not Indicated Airspeed or Ground Speed. Vmo is 470 KTAS as well.

How is it that a pilot (Guillaume Lafont) told me that the 319 goes to the air?

Did you have any wings left on the plane after this test?


perhaps you need some time to understand the differences between ground speed, indicated airpseed, and true airpseed @samifbg75 before you start saying the sim is wrong?

here is a tutorial you may find helpful Understanding different types of speeds

EDIT: and here is a graph from the A320 Airbus manual showing IAS limits


where to see airspeed that the pilot told me

Mach 0.78 is a cruise speed of a 319 that’s not equivalent to that speed further on the plane really can’t handle it :)

See this

how to reach 450kts without violation in airspeedScreenshot_20181022-175205_Instagram

Quite simply, that is incorrect. The A319 may be able to fly at 450kts Ground Speed, although 450KIAS (knots in airspeed) would definitely be overspeed. Infinite Flight’s Overspeed limits although not wholly accurate are accurate enough for all aircraft. The Airbus A32X series has a max cruise speed of Mach 0.82 in the real world, equivalent to around 450kts Ground Speed at cruising altitudes. There’s simply no way to fly the A319 at 450KIAS, as it’s impossible.

Hope this helps :)


Sorry this is pilote on youtub

As I said, TAS is not the same as IAS. Read the tutorial.

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See thisScreenshot_20181022-175514_YouTube


Hi! If the aircraft were flying 450kts through the air as you say, we wouldn’t have any A319’s left in the world as they’d all break up into a million pieces due to structural damage. Most airline aircraft will cruise in the range of Mach.80 to Mach.87. 450kts at cruise altitude would be near if not above Mach 1 or the speed of sound. Something that a fighter jet would fly. The information that our helpful community members included are along the right track. The speed that you are referring to is a groundspeed read out. Its how fast the aircraft is traveling across the ground.


It’s perfectly capable of reaching 500+kts GS if winds are really in your favor.

As I mentioned above, the listed cruise speed of 450kts is in True AirSpeed

@ATK has provided a perfect chart showcasing the Indicated Airspeed limits at various altitudes.

And according to the chart, maximum Indicated Airspeed is 255kts at FL390, right in the mid 200’s, with a peak limit of 350kts down low at FL246.

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Necessary information and then some have been provided. Only way to get an aircraft to fly 450kts is to be in a fighter jet, or overspeed the airliner such as the given A319 example in the OP.