Guys I have a question…When my aircraft go above flight level 260 my speed starts reducing but i see alot of aircrafts their altitude is 30000ft and their speed is like 600knts.
I don’t know how to maintain like max forward speed above flight level 260 im gonna show you a screenshot in which you guys clearly see that Delta airline which is right above to my aircraft’s nose is at 30000ft and its speed is 600knts…
Please someone anyone help me how to maintain this much speed …Screenshot_20180318-113138|690x388

Hi! What is your VS?

What you are seeing is their ground speed, not airspeed. Check this topic out.


Going with what @Jose_Oscana said, once you understand the ground speed, it’s very good to have both on your bottom bar to keep track of, of all the things that are constant, that’s definitely the two. And then when you get above the conversion threshold, then you start paying attention to the mach speed, which will vary based on which aircraft you are flying for the standard operating speed.


when going above fl 280, your KTS speed gets changed into Mach speed. This means your 290 kts could turn it M.73 a typical cruise speed is somewhere around M.79 (atleast the one that I use) so ounce your speed changes from Knots to Mach, change it to M.79, hope this helps! and yes if you have the ground speed, airspeed issue then there is nothing to be afraid of. 290 kts airspeed can equal 480+ kts ground speed depending on altitude

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