I need help. Every time i fly with a380 i cant even reach the altitude in autopilot (35000ft) and i suddenly start to losing speed and altitude. Has anyone experienced this or am I doing something wrong? I reached 33000ft and then I started to lose speed and then the altitude.


Please explain in detail your steps.

Flaps Settings, at which speed you retract them, your VS…etc.

Even better: a video!

Also make sure you aren’t flying at the edge of the map / region as speed and altitude will be disabled until you return to the designated flying area.

I start to climb manually, then I set flaps to 0 at 2,500ft, then I set autopilot to climb to 10000ft with 240knots and 1900 VS.At 10000ft I set autopilot to climb to 35000ft with 310knots and 1500VS. Everything went nicely until i hit 32-33000ft. Then i started to lose speed so I tried to set VS to 600 but it didnt do anything. Now i´m stuck at 26,500ft and I cant climb higher and my speed is stuck at 170knots.

If I´m doing anything wrong then tell me.I´m noob in this simulator.

What is your load? It’s easier with a lower load. Make sure it’s not red either. Green is best and orange is ok

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At that altitude, you need to refer to your Mach speed displayed next to the wind indicator in the HUD. Cruising speed for the A380 is M0.85

Give that a try.

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My load was 64%. Now I’m going to try it again. Thanks for the tips

Click Light or Normal

Thank you ,it is ok now , looks like I was too heavy and climbing too fast.

Never flown the A380 before and have never flown higher than 24,000 feet, so I had check it myself.

Got to 34,000 feet with a heavy load. Than I had to reduce it to Normal. Finally levelled out at its 38,000 feet. Took 30 minutes and a 150 miles to get up there.

The regions are far to small to support a plane like that, and it is a really easy plane to fly. Your not getting much experience by climbing for 30 minutes and then descending for another 30 plus minutes.

I suggest you fly the 737-700 between airports within the region. You will get a lot more learning experience and value for the amount of time you put in. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot more fun :)


As you may know when you climb to higher altitudes the air is thinner so your speed drops. Even though you may think that .85 mach should be i dont know around 350-390 knots. This isnt true so .85 mach is actually gonna change to maybe a speed of 270 knots due to thinner air or somehing else

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Yup, you are pretty much spot on :)
M 0.85
252kt air speed
463kt ground speed

Plus, you have 10 knots of head wind.

Even with that load percentage, depending on the length of flight most pilots would sit there at 26,000 ft and burn off some fuel and then climb the rest of the way after they burned of some fuel to light a little bit of there weight

Max Sez… Sounds like a weight & balance problem to me. Always do a pre-Flight & adjust yr W&B according to your planned profile. Don’t forget to adjust fuel weight as you burn down…