Speed warnings?

Hi im grade 2 2000 xp from grade 3,
And I was wondering if on yhe expert server you get airspeed/taxi speed warnings. That’s all, Thank you! 🛫

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You get them in the same way you do for the Training Server. The violation system is set up in the same way :)


Hi, Thank you for the response im glad that’s the case or I would probably get alot of violations.

As mentioned by everything, you get all the same warning however:

If your controlled by ATC, you MUST follow all ATC commands, which if you dont it will leave you with a permanent report, and trust me you dont want them. ATC can immediately report you without any warning. You must fly professionally, try to stay away from stalling and descending super quickly. You will experience a much more controlled airspace, and constantly be asked to change heading and altitude. When approach is active, don`t expect to follow your Flight plan one bit :). Good luck flying.


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