Speed warning while on runway at EGBB

Don’t know if you know but I was just at London EGBB… its giving out “speed warnings” while on the runway! A bug! Expert server.


Did you roll onto the runway around 35KTS? I’ve had this happen on other runways when I roll onto the runway and go over 35KTS when entering.

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You are on the runway,right?

KFLL has this too. I was on takeoff roll full length at 10L and was about to pass runway threshold when I got the warning.

Hi @LaroseRoyce :)
Please avoid tagging developers. David is reading all the #support topics and he will take appropriate decisions afterwards (like contacting the developers…).
Could you please include your device brand, and model as well as current operating system version (i.e. iPad Air 2 iOS10, or Samsung GalaxyA7 Android 5.0 etc)? I will try this later too.
Thanks for your understanding.


As well as that can you say a way of recreating it?

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This is fairly common if you roll on to the runway while exceeding 35 Knots. It is also likely that your system may have lagged and displayed the message late.

And please do not tag defelopers. Especially Laura.

Why you all said the same thing? please don’t tag developer ? One in enough,guys…a bit common sense…


Yes, one person telling him is enough. You don’t all need to jump on the bandwagon.


Yea, you don’t all need to jump on the bandwagon.


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Glad you got it :p


Did your plane roll over the unmarked area? (Disp Threshold and Stopway)

No, look at the pics I’m the the middle of the runway

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iPad Air 2 & iPad Pro… iOS 10

This post was about a bug but it quickly turn into something totally different. As for everyone tell me “don’t tag the developers” ok. But I know the kind of relationship I have with them. So with that being said I’m not bothered one bit. Y’all wanna be their personal spokes person, and P.R. team, have at it… Copy and paste, tag them in this if y’all want! SMH ~LasVegas


Did you happen to veer to the edge?

Let us know if this happens again

That’s a real strange one. Does it happen all the time at the same place?
Such as even after a shut down and power restart of your iPad?