Speed vios/App error - who to contact?

Hey guys

I just received like, five violations. I admit to two or maybe three of them, but I’m pretty sure that the app had an error (see my HUD going at 1,000+ KIAS) πŸ˜‚.

I just need to know who to contact so I can possibly get it resolved. Thanks!

Hey! The speed shown there is ground speed but seems to be a bug. You must of been going extremely fast then. Contact @moderators

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True, but look at the airspeed

Yes I know, like I said must of been a bug of some sort.

So, I can contact the mods?

Sounds like a plan. Thanks!

Also, just in case, I might have to have an LOA for week, please… hehe πŸ˜…

They are the people who review violation appeals so yes if you think there was an actual problem with the app causing this go ahead and contact them. The speed that shows on the HUD is different than the speed displayed within the flight.

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Thanks for the help!

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