Speed violations

I’m not the only one who walks away for literally maybe a minute and come back with 3 brand new speed violations.

Or you accidentally fall asleep on descent and wake up with your brand new violations. It’s so annoying how many speed violations I get cause I fall asleep it really ruins my mood

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Hello! My advice would be to not turn on VNAV until you know for sure you will be active during the whole descent.


Yeah I do this most of the time but then majority of the time I fall asleep in the middle of already descending. I fall asleep a lot without really planning to. I get comfortable I will be out.

This happens to me more often than it should. @AndrewWu has burned it into my brain that I need to keep the sound on during my descent.


Rule 1: Never step away from your device until you’ve reached your cruising altitude and/or all the way through descent

Rule 2: Follow Rule 1

Side Note: If you know you’re tired, why risk starting a flight if you’re bound to fall asleep whilst doing so? Wouldn’t it just be better off to either nap or call it a night and start the flight after your sleep?


Well sometimes I’ll start a flight when I’m not tired but then at the end I will get tired and I’ve tried recently either idk leaving the game maybe which I try not to do or just trying to stay awake which usually ends in me falling asleep.
I just need to do something though I have literally been getting speed violations every week cause I fall asleep or step away for a second and forget I’m descending.

My device is silenced all the time so only time I hear noise is if I have my AirPods on. But I never like having my ringer on.

You gotta do what you gotta do. It’s working for me.

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Sounds like you should just fly on casual.


For this, i suggest finding a device you can set an alarm on, loud enough to wake you up (even if you don’t feel tired)

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Yeah that’s pretty good idea I’ll like have it set maybe 10 or 5 minutes before tod maybe🤷‍♂️

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Haha maybe

I only have 2 violations TOTAL and their ALL speed and a bonus in the 777 that thing just takes the longest time ever to slow done


When I have a plane that won’t slow down I either leave or turn ap off and do some evasive maneuvers lol. Pulling up really hard lol

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lol I just extend flaps

Problem A: I conk out quickly, so I usually sleep for long hours
Problem B: I’m almost near deaf, and can’t sleep with hearing aids

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I know that feeling, when I got grade 5 Decided to do a flight and felt asleep in mid descend, so had to wait a week for grade 5 back. After a week decided to doe again a flight and felt asleep on mid descend again 😭

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Let me extend my hand and say “Welcome to the team”, you are not the only one who fell asleep on descent and later the other day you awoke up with 3 new friends. Attending this issue, I highly recommend you DON’T ACTIVATE THE VNAV system while sleeping, in that way your plane will fly without start descending which give you time to get up and do it manually or using A/P under supervision, but there is still a problem: What happens if you set off the VNAV, the plane doesn’t descend but you’re still on the bed? I guess the plane might just spend all the remaining fuel, cut power and then start falling slowly or quickly.

Have a good day!

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When I first started I would always have vnav active while I was sleep and it didn’t happen much cause I would wake up before decent but then I started sleeping longer and started getting violations so I just stopped lol

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