Speed Violations

So I am flying at a speed of 348 on autopilot but when I pass 30,000 feet I come back because I was AFK and I have found I have gotten like 3 speeding violations. When you switch to mach does the speed limit change?

No, the speed limit does not change.

Any ideas to why I got the violations?

If you were going beyond M0.89 or 350kts, you would have gotten violations.

First of all;

Stop licking the barberpole by going just below the limit. That is equal to asking for speed violations ;)

The 350kts IAS speed limit is based on INDICATED AIR SPEED. If you climb but maintain the same air speed, your mach will increase as you climb. And what you got violations for, is most likely breaching the mach speed limit for the aircraft you were flying.

This should help you understand everything a bit better:


I am flying right now and I just switch to MACH I was still flying at the same speed but I got the overspeed warning??? My speed was the same

You’re going too fast then. Slow down, simple as that.

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Ok thank you.

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You should use SIMBRIEF to plan your flights as it gives you every speed already. Most a320 sized planes cruise at M78, and most heavy cruise at M85.

I use SimBrief but I can never find the speeds!!

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Try fpltoif.com.

They are here

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I always would just set my speed to 310KTS. They say your not suppose to walk always during climb or decent But hey your human we make mistakes! If you need to adjust I would wait until your @ cruising altitude. Mach speeds vary by aircraft as well.

Almost died laughing when I saw this. Nice one @schyllberg

But seriously though, depends on which aircraft you fly. Personally, when I fly the 359 on the short hops to CGK Turnaround from SIN, I do lick the poles so that I can there quickly and burn through as much fuel as I can, but I do so when I am monitoring the Aircraft. On that leg, I take fuel for the entire journey there and back.

@bobby_joe_21 to answer the question, your speed changes from Knots to Mach at 28,000ft on climb and 27,900ft on the descent. 348 knots is way too high. For my normal operations, where I have to do overnight flights, I’ll just let the airspeed increase to 328 to 330 knots below FL280 for Mach 0.88 setting and leave it. I will still wake up the next day with no problems. Speeding to 328 knots is not realistic but practicality is more important, whether it is to land early or burn through my gas tank.

TLDR: If you are monitoring the aircraft constantly for a short flight, you can lick the pole but monitor it, If you are going to walk away, then leave it at Mach 0.88

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