Speed Violations

Can there at least be an aural warning as someone nears the 10000ft threshold where you shouldn’t exceed 260 kts? Sometimes you’re descending and take your eyes off a bit and you find yourself still at a higher speed below 10000. I don’t like taking the realism out of my flying and it sucks when I have to disable AP and pull up like a jet just to bleed speed.

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The main thing is to not leave your device unattended during critical phases of flight. If you want realism, pilots in real life don’t get up and walk around until they are at cruise.


You have 20 seconds from the initial speed limit warning until you incur violations.

You should be at your device monitoring at all times. There’s also a 20 second warning that warns you before giving you violations.

If you need to lose speed, hold at 11000 or an equivalent altitude and then descend below 10000 whenever ready. I have a descent chart that I made if you’d like me to send it to you as well :)

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IF Assistant does this for you with their virtual co-pilot feature. It costs some money though…

I was just looking at some news headline and boom🥺

I mean sth like a continuous beep sound to accompany the the violation warning pop-up

It happens. There may be some changes to the system in the future for alerts.


Ooo actually - although I didn’t ask the original question, but it would be quite interesting to see? :)

I honestly hate to sound like a bum. But this is a game and sometimes your mom or dad makes you get up and do stuff

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Oi. Can I have the descent chart?

At around 60nm away/11000 ft, slow down to 240 kts. Do it in every flight; and this speed limit below 10000 ft will become a non issue for you! Make it a standard part of your descent procedure.
If you are flying heavies, especially the 777 series - I strongly advise to use flight spoilers along with descending early. The 777s don’t want to slow down.

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Yeah, don’t do that… I know it was just a news headline, but, you should still only be looking away for maybe up to 5 seconds, not enough to get near a violation. Also, I wouldn’t do anything looking at something else at all really during descent until you have the parking brake set on stand in the destination, personally. Same with departure.

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