Speed Violations

First off, hope everyone is healthy! But the main reason I’m posting this is because I was in a flight at my cruising altitude and I had to use the restroom. So I decided to reduce my speed to 240 knots just to be safe. Keep in mind I’m at 32,000 feet right now. So when I come back from the restroom, I see on my screen FOUR SPEED VIOLATIONS! I was furious. I was grade 4 and it took me down to grade TWO. Is there anyway you guys can fix this? I would really appreciate it.

Violations don’t get revoked unless it’s an actual issue with the game. The only way you can get your grade back it to wait a week unfortunately. Sorry.

Overspeed above FL280 deals with your Mach #. Not airspeed. So what was it at the time?

Sorry to hear that you went back to grade 2.

Please upload your replay to sharemyinfiniteflight.com so moderators can take a look and see what the cause was. However, since you were away from the device, it might not be revoked.

I will, there’s not much to see tho because I was still at fl320

It was .87

Alright, thanks for letting me know. Stay healthy!

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What aircraft were you in?

Yeah I was going to ask too! That’s really fast. .84-.86 is recommended and that’s even for the big jetliners such as the 747, 787-10, etc.

An A321 will barely go past .80 and that’s one of the largest medium range aircraft.

My recommendation for next time? Keep a standard realistic speed for every aircraft you fly.😊

Yeah, you should rarely cruise at 0.87 in any aircraft, unless you are flying a fighter.

DeerCrusher made a handy topic regarding cruise speeds, you can find it here: Infinite Flight Fuel Burns (Estimates): XCub & TBM Added!


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