Speed violations

Hi there - my iphone crashed and the screen froze - I managed to restart it a few mins later but I found myself with 6 violations from the flight it crashed on. Is it possible as a one-off to remove these? My callsign is EZY535 and it was a TBM-930 from EGNS - was trying to fly to EIDW but crashed about 10mins after take-off. When i say crash - I mean the phone not the plane :|

I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for the amazing job you guys do!

A staff member or moderator will have to look at this for you but it’s ublikely that you get speed violations while the device is frozen or when you aren’t on the app.


That has nothing to do with the solution… I feel like I was literally just posting this on your own topic…

With this, an app freezing causing violations is something that as Chatta said, requires staff attention.

What iPhone model and IOS version are you running?

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I’d say this is a rare type of situation, even it seems it crashed a dozen of times. If this happens once, just move on. If it happens more than once, contact the support. Although 6 violations seems a lot, so just be caution in your future flights.

Hope this helps a little bit. ;)

Hey. Thanks for your help so far. I recently had my screen replaced - I have complained to them already- the screen becomes unresponsive and then the device crashes.