Speed violations?

So I contacted departures and said I was descending down to 9,500 ft and then continue ing on to london Gatwick. Then to eham. Next thing you know I betting many speed warnings so I decrease my throttle to zero put up my flaps and all should be well. But no. My plane wouldn’t slow down fast enough and I got 4 VIOLATIONS !!! I dont know what to do!! I’ve only ever has one before and I’m trying to get to expert grade by tommrow. Please help I want trying to be malicious or disregard rules and ruin others experience. I paused for pro and I’m really sad if I get banned. Is there any way I can remove violations? Thanks any advice would help

Please be aware that you should not exceed 250KTS below 10,000ft MSL. U might need to apply speed brake.

Unfortunately the best you can do is wait for them to fall off.

There are 20 seconds between each violation after a 20 second warning. What plane were you in?


It’s 10,000ft MSL. Just saying so you don’t get the two confused.

A quick way to slow down is to disconnect the AP and pull up the nose. Once you have got below 240kts then you can reset your descent.

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Don’t forget, you can always set your spoilers to “Flight” to slow down quicker in the air.
[avoiding violations] > [realism]

Sorry about that I changed to MSL.

Your could try to level out your plane at around 11000ft to slow the plane down, additionally out spoilers on “Flight” to slow down faster, once you’re below 250kts, i recommend t personally to be at 235kts or below, maybe 220kts, then you can continue your descend again but not to steep, and remember to keep your spoiler on “Flight”, plus gradually slow down the plane as you get closer to the Airport and lower in altitude :)

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