Speed Violations in the Dash 8

So I was doing a regional flight in Australia and I was at a cruise of 24000ft at 240kt but it Gave me 5 violations and ghosted me putting me down to rank 2, leaving me unable to complete a challenge in my va. Could this please be addressed as I feel that it could potentially be a bug of some sort. Thanks.


Q400 Suitable airspeeds do in fact go down the higher you go. 240kts is pretty high for a cruise speed so around 200-220kts is the better option.

Your best bet is to either slow down or descend.

I think their point is that it gave him a violation at what was supposed to be an acceptable speed.

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Yeah exactly it was a fault with the airspeed

…no. That’s how the Q400 has been the whole time. 240kts at that altitude is still considered overspeeding. It’s been a feature since release.

It seems like a fault in the system, as they were going .59 and not .60+. Get in contact with a moderator and they can help.

Really? I fly the Q4 all the time (and at higher speeds if I may add) and I’ve never run into the issue…

I would go into groups then contact a moderator they are the ones that can help

Isn’t that the point of this thread?

@Rilej_aviation this information you are posting is incorrect. The Dash and TBM for example have a more restrictive speed tape when compared to jet engine aircraft.

This does not belong in support either that is why I made it a Live topic before the topic actually posted to the community.

Continuing this discussion in a PM.


Another thing to note, if the speed warning is at Mach .60 or Mach .89, riding the red speed tape to .59 and .88 is a risky chance. It’s best to leave a bit of a buffer so that you don’t get a violation.

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