Speed Violations in 19.1

Well, here I am again.

Are gound speed (>35 kts) violations more sensitive in the new update? I was taxiing at PHNL last night and earned a fresh speed violation. I had the engines on idle at 28kts, then went to make a last minute adjustment to my FPL. When closed out of maps view, I was at 36kts and the violation warning was flashing red.

This feels like less leeway than before. Is it?

Not intended to be a complaint, I do know better, but rather an observation and question…

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Honestly, a safer bet is to taxi at 20 knots, 25 knots being the max. With that being said, even on the ground, winds are influential on the aircraft in Infinite Flight.

Have the speeds changed for warnings and violations, nope. Still 35 knots on the taxiway :)


Oh I know. I was in a rush at a lonely airport. My planned flight time was 10 hours, and I had 9.5 hours before I had to leave for work! Again, I knew better. Just trying to see if the taxi speed violations are more stringent in the update.

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I will add to that - you’re never prepared enough. Stop if you need to do something or do it when airborne 👍

And I understand that the max taxi speed has not changed. But when instructed to expedite exiting the runway upon landing, I usually push it in the sim. Exit at ~40kts then hit those brakes to clear the way for arriving traffic behind me. A couple seconds above 35kts prior to the update never resulted in a violation.

The buffer (interval) between warning and violation has not changed though ;).

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That’s what I was looking for. Argh. Thanks!

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