Speed violations I think need a rethink

So I’m the dash 8, I set myself up to 280 kts airspeed passing 10000 which is fine, no 250 restriction and I’m 20kts below the red overspeed zone, I let the autopilot do its work for the rest of the 40 min flight, I come back after a quick errand and see my speed 20kts over at 20,000 and my self with 6 more violations from a similar incident the other day, this time I increased my usual gap below the overspeed gap to make sure it didn’t happen again and what do you know, I just think it’s a little bit unfair sometimes.

Why don’t you try recording a flight of yours? So that if you get a violation from a bug you can send it to the dev’s and they will correct it. Maybe even the previous one’s as well.

You might want to put it as a feature request.
I agree that it sounds unfair, but the limit makes the game more realistic. Otherwise people would go way too fast. I also think the limit is higher than real life.( not sure tough)

Always keep a safe margin to the overspeed limit. Going for 280 is not as it will be faster than the limit at cruise altitude.