Speed Violations from Stall A330


A333 performing flight from Auckland (NZAA) to Sydney (YSSY), cruising at FL400, speed set at 310, Trim +35.

Approximately 50 minutes after takeoff, the aircraft begins to Stall, I incurred 5 Speed Violations, Ghosted and Down Graded.

I must admit I didn’t perform step climb to cruising altitude, was pressed for time.

Below are some Screenshots of the flight from replay:

Cruising Altitude - Approximately 50 minutes after takeoff

Nose pitched up Approximately 10 degrees and reducing Speed

Entered Stall and left Bank Angle

Autopilot Disengaged, entered freefall incurs 5 Speed Violations.

My questions are: Can the Speed Violations be reversed and reinstate Grade Level 3? Is there an issue with in-game mechanics of the A330?



If you contact a mod they might be able to undo the violations. However if this is your fault the violations will not be in-done.

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The A330 in my opinion is not the best aircraft to cruise at 40000 when crusing so step climbing is crucial.

Below is a link which is worth reading
A330 Recommended Profiles

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I feel like crushing at 40,000 or above in any plane can cause weird angles. I stick between FL340 and FL360

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The engines on the a330 in infinite flight are not that powerful to climb straight up to FL400. I have had this situation happen to me on many occasions.

I had the same issue. Violation won’t be remove as it wasn’t a IF in game issue. I was climbing too fast for my load in the a330 after an hour my plane fell out the sky. What I would recommend is to wait till your aircraft reaches cruising altitude make sure you aren’t losing speed. Also maybe consider cruising at a slightly lower altitude. How loaded were you?

Start your cruise at lower altitudes (28000-32000) with heavier aircraft and you’ll be fine next time.