Speed Violations error

I got 5 speed violations and got ghost for this !
Don’t know how I was at 4K feet and under 230kts strange

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It looks like in the picture you just got speed warning… not violation

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It looks like he had been ghosted.

Could you please send your replay on www.sharemyinfiniteflight.com so we can see what exactly happened?

Did you get messege reported and violation detected or something like that? @tapancash

Pictures says nothing, please upload replay : http://www.sharemyinfiniteflight.com/

It seems that you have lost connection to something. It’s red on the top right of your screen.

Maybe you lost connection, and at the time you lost connection your speed was still above 250?

I imagine he got ghosted, he immediately slowed down, the violations disappeared, then he took a screenshot. And an issue I’ve seen several times is if you leave it for a while the speed warning button glitches, and doesn’t disappear. This happened to me on a Dash 8 flight.

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I’ve had this happen to me a fee times. I would be going about 230-240 max and get the speed violation warning but I just quit. Usually only occurs to me right after takeofg

No, what happened was he got all of his violations while speeding, was ghosted and disconnected from the live server (see the red in the top right), then took the screenshot, which is going to have the warning there indefinitely. A screenshot after the fact, whether the warning message should disappear or not, doesn’t mean that he didn’t receive the speeding violations earlier. It just means he’s not speeding at the moment of the screenshot.


well we could tell that if he provides a screenshot. that red could also mean weather

You can see at the bottom corner also his ATC/Unicom is not working so that probably means his live server is down

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That’s what Tim was referring to (the system ghost).

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