Speed violations below 10K feet in 777-300ER

I hate to admit it on this forum, but I messed up again today. However, I feel only halfway responsible. Let me explain:

I was descending in a 77W from 11K feet to 6K feet, on initial descent into Montreal Trudeau. I was using autopilot, with the airspeed set to 230 knots (the set rate of speed while I had been level and maintaining 11K feet), and the vertical descent rate set to 1300 feet per minute. In most IF airframes, it’s okay to set it and forget it for a minute or so.

With the 77W today, I got four speed violations. Even with no additional throttle, the airspeed increases materially on this airframe when the rate of descent is >1000 feet/min and no flight spoilers are activated. This is the second time in a week that this has happened. There were NO audible signals.

My grade has been reduced from 5 to 2, and I’m much less likely to run IF on the casual/training server.


  1. Has anyone else experienced this with the 77W airframe (materially worse than other airframes)
  2. Shouldn’t there be audible signals for the pilot to know that they are over speed below 10K feet (> 250 kts)

Thank you!



Bigger planes gain speed easier when descending even a little. Try that with an MD/DC. Try descending with spoilers in flight mode or do a lower VS.


It takes a while to slow down with that aircraft. Ensure you set autopilot above 10,000 to ensure you are below 250 before going under it.



This has a nice checklist for descending on page 3 (not my docs)

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Did you run out of fuel?

A note, I was at 230 kts before descending from 11k feet. The airspeed increased as I descended, there were no audible warnings, and by the time I looked down I had racked up 4 violations and was mildly disheartened.

My understanding was that at this descent rate, I would have kept the airspeed with 0 additional throttle. Am I mistaken?

No it seems the AP randomly gave up on life in my C17 during a turn

That’s not what matters. The descent is where is picking up speed. Either way no throttle would be used auto pilot or not. You need to monitor the speed as you descend at that crucial point. Use spoilers and all that but at the end of the day you will get violations if you aren’t checking the basics. That descent rate was peerdectly fine aswell. That aircraft though is just one to be careful with, one of the hardest to slow down.


Point two: I think there should be audible over speed warnings when under 10K feet and >250 knots.

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Sounds obvious, but best policie is to especialy when things are happening (so not persay at cruse) just pay attention

You should have quit your flight 😬

@KPIT, if you would like to troubleshoot your flight please do your own thread instead of hijacking someone else’s thread who had a specific question. We can’t really investigate what happened while you were at school, it could have been a number of things.

This thread is not a generic violation investigation thread.

I did after 4 violations in a 60 seconds or so. I admitted that I screwed up, but I had the volume on loud while typing an email on another device, thinking I would be alerted to any potential violations.

I have been using IF since its inception. I understand the rules and try to follow them.

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Do you have helper messages enabled in your settings?

I was responding to the other guy, but that makes sense tho. 👍

Never. And I mean NEVER leave your device during climb and descent.

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Sorry that wasn’t my intention

I checked and I do. I believe these are visual only?

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Yes it’s visual. Sadly it’s pretty hard to avoid but I guess it’s under the pretence that people watch the device during the climb out and descent but that’s not always possible.

Anywho, I’m going to go try my controlling hand on the training server while I’m in “expert timeout.” I appreciate everyone’s input.

See you on expert when I’m reinstated next week!