Speed violations after almost 3-4 minutes after speed correction.

So I was desending down to UUBB today and got a make 360 turn from approach and while doing that I accidentally bumped the speed to 260 on auto pilot at around 5000 feet. The problem I promptly corrected after seeing the warning but I got a 5 speed violations after almost 3-4 minutes when I was flying at stable speed of 250 KIAS. But the note states the voilation incurred at 16:44 to 16: 45 but I got the violation message at 16:52 utc. Was there a mistake in handing me 5 violation given it arrived so late after correction , I don’t think I let the plane fly faster for that long anyway. Is it possible to resintate me back to Grade 3 ?

You’ll be back to Grade 3 in 7 days.

Correcting the speed on the autopilot doesn’t mean you corrected your actual speed. Guess you have to be more careful next time and pay attention to your ias, use spoilers if you have to

And you shouldn’t be on 250kts rather a little bit below that otherwise you could get violations as winds could push your plane a little and then you’re above the limit, resulting in violations.


As others have said, it doesn’t matter what your AP is set to there are other factors and circumstances where you plane will be going faster than 250.

Mind you at 5000ft alt before you’re about to approach final going 250kts seems very fast you should be at most by 210-200 knots to accommodate speed increase as you descend to runway landing.

Probably why ATC told you to go around

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As other above have said, even though you set the autopilot to 250knts, your actual speed can be higher as autopilot is not perfect all the time and only tries to achieve that speed but cant do so immediately. Even going 251knts is enough to get a violation. I recommend setting autopilot to max of 245knts below 10,000 ft and making sure you are actually below 250knts on descent before going below 10,000ft.

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Just saying, devs actually placed the vio limit to 260IAS

Try flying at 260 knots under 10000 feet and report back if you got any violations. The rules said 250 and we’re sticking to it

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They did? hmm… didn’t know that?

But either way as others have also mentioned… Putting A/P on 250kts doesn’t mean that your true speed is 250 as it could be higher.

Just letting you know that some old models can’t stay at 250IAS when the input is 250 on AP so the fact that warnings start at 260 is logic and pretty kind.

the vio limit to 260IAS

so yeah, read to read, don’t read to answer

I highly recommend never putting your speed on 250 knots. You should try 240 knots because in some instances you can have 10 knot gusts of wind that push your plane at or above 250 knots. I have had circumstances where i put speed at 235 knots and it still went over for a second.

For safety reasons, never put your speed at 250kts when below FL100.
You never know when the unexpected could happen and you’re blown away with violations on your screen.

Be careful!

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I always do 240 or lower if it below 10,000 that way it leaves me 10 kts of slack incase some unexpected turbulence or tailwind happens, also if you slow yourself down in autopilot, just like everybody else was saying, you should use spoilers and flaps if you need to, your autopilot will not activate spoilers, they are there for you to use when you want to go down to your desired speed quicker or to make it easier to slow down. There’s a reason another name for them is called “speed breaks”


Do you have proof of this? Talking to the developers it is still 250. Please do not spread false information.


Yes I have one, 4 violations to be precise.

I am referencing 260. The limit is 250.


Then yes, the limit is 250 we are all ok about that.

Theres only so many ways we can say to fly below 250kts.

  • Don’t just set your speed at 250, you need to be below it.
  • If you are descending, you need to be even more below in case your speed raises.
  • Some planes gain speed while descending faster than others (md11 is a brick at gaining speed whild descending)

I don’t think anyone else can say anything that has not already been said.